Venture@GRL helps Malaysian startups grow faster and safer

Introducing Venture@GRL

Venture@GRL is a startup incubator strategised and organized by Goik Ramesh & Loo to aid the Malaysian startup community.

Startups are the engines and catalysts of growth for the future of Malaysia and around the world. Many great ideas by budding entrepreneurs fizzle as most startups cannot afford legal, professional and financial advice to support their venture and growth.

Our firm offers professional legal services and business advice at a cost that is affordable for startups and also provide startups with access to capital through network of investors, corporate investors, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Our goals and objectives with Venture@GRL :

  • Catalysing, strategising and providing the support ecosystem to ensure the success and viability of startups

  • Making direct equity investments or facilitating debt offerings in the startups that the firm advise

  • Reinventing the provision of legal services and enabling legal services and business advice accessible to startups

  • Sharing major legal, investment and business developments and issues with the startup eco system

Venture@GRL Clients:

A few examples of Malaysian Startups we are helping with legal advise and strategies.

Elquator Holdings Berhad

Renewable energy generation and storage company

Elquator is a renewable energy company that specializes in energy storage system to store energy that is derived from energy generated from its proprietary hydro system and wind turbine technology.

Venture@GRL provides:

  • Legal advisory and strategy services
  • Advise on equity and debt funding requirements
  • Advise on distribution, marketing & sales strategies
photo of wind turbines

YESB Sdn Bhd

Malaysian electrical & mechanical engineering startup

photo of electrical power cabinets

YESB is a Malaysian startup specialising in electrical and mechanical engineering services for the construction industry.

Venture@GRL provides:

  • Legal advisory and strategy services
  • Advisory on equity and debt funding requirements
  • Share market listing strategies

Titan Marine Sdn Bhd

Malaysian ship salvage startup

Titan Marine is a Malaysian startup that specializes in ship breaking & salvage, and marine engineering services.

Venture@GRL provides:

  • Legal advisory and strategy services
  • Equity and debt funding requirements advisory
  • Share market listing strategies
  • Raising funds for initial startup equity capital
photo of capsized ship