Representing PNSB Acmar in RM 18.5 million Federal Court land acquisition claim

KUALA LUMPUR – Goik Ramesh & Loo is representing PNSB Acmar Sdn Bhd in its RM 18.5 million land acquisition claims against Selangor State Authority at the Federal Court.

PNSB Acmar is the proprietor for a piece of land in Mukim Kapar, Daerah Klang, Selangor, where part of the land was acquired by the Selangor State Authority for the Federal Government pursuant to Section 3(1)(a) of the Land Acquisition Act 1960 for public purposes. The land was to be used to construct the “West Coast Expressway (Taiping to Banting)”.

The Court of Appeal had dismissed additional claim for injurious affection to the remaining land due to the failure to state clearly the claim for injurious affection in form N.

"We believe that the Court of Appeal did not give adequate compensation due to injurious affection, because it is not clearly stated in form N represents a violation of the constitutional rights to adequate compensation for property taken by the State accorded under Article 13 of the of the Federal Constitution. We strongly believe that the necessity under Land Acquisition Act 1965 to explicitly state for claims for injurious affection in Form N is unconstitutional”, said Casey Goik.

Goik Ramesh & Loo acts as the lead counsel for PNSB Acmar, with partners Goik Kenzu and Casey Goik leading the team, supported by senior associate Yohini Nair a/p Baskaran and associate Christie Ling Chui Lin.